Credit Redemption Offer

Consolidation of credits (or redemption of credits) refers to a banking operation that consists of replacing existing loans with a single loan, which reduces the amount of monthly payments.  Credit accumulation can quickly become a

Consolidation of credits (or redemption of credits) refers to a banking operation that consists of replacing existing loans with a single loan, which reduces the amount of monthly payments.  Credit accumulation can quickly become a difficult burden to support financially. Monthly payments that add up to each other, in addition to weighing down the accounts, ultimately constitute a sum that is difficult to repay. The redemption of credits is the solution to this type of situation. The principle is simple: the organization proposes to consolidate the loans contracted in the past and then proposes a single credit with a reduced monthly rate. This readjustment leads to an extension of the repayment period and a possible increase in the cost of credit, which is necessary to be able to reduce the monthly payment.

Both types of credit pooling offers

French law, the law on consumer credit, specifies that there are two types of groupings:

The purchase of real estate loans The purchase of consumer loans

The difference between these two types is the share of real estate assets to be taken over. If the share of real estate loans represents more than 60% of the total to be taken over, it will be a grouping of mortgage loans. Conversely, if this same share is less than 60%, it will be a consolidation of consumer credit. An amount can be added to the funding as part of a new project. It must be justified and the situation of the borrower must allow to bear the cost generated by the new project. In addition, this sum may result in an increase in the total cost of credit.

The steps of a credit pooling offer


  1. Fill out the free online application form free of charge and without obligation.
  2. Upon receipt, a counselor studies your file from the information provided. He then contacts you to make an initial assessment of your situation.
  3. If this first study is positive, we send you a welcome pack. You can return it to us by mail, e-mail or fax. Whatever mode you choose, return it duly completed with all the requested parts. The more precise the information about your situation, the better the advice of our employees.
  4. Upon receipt of the file and supporting documents, an analyst supports the study and gives you an answer in principle within 48 hours **.
  5. It offers financing tailored to your situation and transmits all parts to the banking partner. Once your file is accepted, the credit redemption procedure can take place.

If it is so simple to request a loan buyout with Natty Bumppo, it is because our experience, our skills and our quality requirements guarantee our efficiency. With Natty Bumppo, intermediary in banking operation (MIOBSP) certified ISO 9001, you benefit from a personalized relationship with a financial advisor available and at your disposal, for a tailor-made management of your budget. ** In working days from receipt of your complete file

Why make a credit redemption?

credit redemption

Usually, each credit to which you subscribe (real estate, automobile, personal, work, renewable …) has its own terms of repayment. It is difficult to understand your reimbursement costs without resorting to complex calculations each month. Risks of errors in your accounts, difficulties in anticipating the evolution of your finances or discouragement in your accounting: the management of your budget is obscure … Sound management of your finances requires knowing your expenses, month after month. Consolidation of credits makes it possible to have only one monthly payment to be refunded. Your monthly payments are stable over the long term. You know where you are and can manage your budget effectively.

Consolidation of credits, a responsible act

If you are worried about getting another credit, loan consolidation is a responsible solution. Rather than adding to your expenses the repayment of an additional loan, the repurchase of credit allows on the contrary to have a single monthly payment by spreading the charges over the long term. The borrower must also show responsibility in this operation since it may lead to an extension of the repayment period and an increase in the cost, therefore he must be aware of his commitment to be able to honor it throughout the period. duration of new funding.

Difficulties in repaying debts often arise from an unforeseen change in the borrower’s personal or family circumstances. Separations, illnesses, falling incomes, accidents, births: various events can increase your expenses. Grouping your credits allows you to readjust the monthly amount of repayments to your new situation. At Natty Bumppo, credit consolidation is our specialty. Our listening skills and our experience are at the service of our clients in a personalized relationship. Because a successful credit redemption is a thoughtful redemption of credits, we accompany you and advise you for optimal management of your budget.

Our loan redemption records

Our loan redemption records

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