Redeeming real estate loans

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The loan consolidation is a banking operation that allows to collect consumer loans as well as real estate loans (share exceeding the threshold of 60%).

Redeeming real estate loan: presentation

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The mortgage consolidation is a banking operation that allows to gather several credits in one. We talk about consolidation of home loans when the share of the remaining capital due real estate represents more than 60% of the total share to resume, below it is a consolidation of consumer loans. The old credits are bought back and paid off by the lender, who then offers a new mortgage offer with a longer duration and a reduced monthly payment. An overdraft as well as an amount dedicated to a new project may be included in the redemption.

Purchase of real estate loans with D’Artagnan

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As a banking intermediary (MIOBSP) specializing in credit consolidation, our experience gained over many years allows us to guarantee you an expertise in the study of your file. Our goal is to find the right solution for your personal situation in the context of the consolidation of your real estate loans. Our advisers are in charge of studying and instructing the file, the aim being to offer you a bespoke financing offer, meeting your financial needs.

Fact sheet

  • Duration: from 60 to 420 months
  • Rate: fixed or variable
  • New project: optional
  • Insurance: optional

Request and simulation online

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We provide you with an online simulation form with quick results. This simulation (non-contractual) provides a first estimate of the monthly loan consolidation. Moreover, only an in-depth study done by an analyst will accurately determine the amount of the future monthly payment. Just fill out the online application form. Whether for the simulation or the loan consolidation application, no fees and no commitments are required from the borrower.

Up to 60% off your monthly payments Your project

  • Redemption of credits Finance a project Renegotiate an immo loan Currently, do you pay back mortgages?
  • * No Yes Real Estate Credit (s) Remaining amount (s) to be reimbursed
  • * € Amount of monthly payments * € Currently, do you pay back consumer loans?
  • * No Yes Examples: auto loan, loan work, revolving credit, etc … Consumer credit (s) Remaining amount (s) to be reimbursed
  • * € Amount of monthly payments
  • * € If you want to include an amount for a new project, please specify New project € Project type – To choose – car Immovable Works Staff How long do you want to repay your purchase of credits? Duration in years