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Mortgages, which are also known under the names as mini loans, small loans and micro loans, are typically a small loan that is taken up without collateral in the form of mortgages on eg a house or a car, and where the payout process is relatively quick.

Mortgages originally started as the so-called “payday” loan from England and the United States, which was often used to cover account deficits until it could be repaid once there was “payday”. Many believe that the name mercury means that the money comes quickly into the account, but in fact the name refers to the fact that the loan is repaid over a shorter period. Thus, it is more correct to call quick loans for “short-term loans”.

The largest lenders

The largest lenders

As mentioned, there are countless lenders offering quick loans. Some of the popular lenders within quick loans are, for example: Ferratum, Vivus, Zaplo and Lendon, who generally market much on TV. In addition to these quick loan providers, there are many more and new ones are coming on.

Get owners – more brands

Get owners - more brands

As a consumer, one must be aware that in fact, there are a few who own the various quick-loan brands. So every time you meet a new one’s brand fire, it’s probably owned by the same provider. Common to them all is that they offer smaller loans quickly and easily.

You should be aware of that

You should be aware of that

“ As a consumer, one must be aware that, in fact, there are a few who own the various quick-loan brands.

First of all, you have to be realistic to yourself and only take out a loan if the economy allows it. So if you can already see in advance that it will be tight to pay off a quick loan, you should stay away from it – even if you are approved.

If you are in control of your finances but need to borrow money, you should investigate the market and not jump to the first and best deals. There are alternatives to quick loans in the form of more traditional consumer loans from banks, which are often cheaper. But whether you opt for a quick loan or a consumer loan, you need to get more offers so you don’t end up paying too much for your loan.

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